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Alta-Trans operates two petrol stations – in Żyraków and Ropczyce. We offer retail sale and wholesale of gasoline, diesel, LPG and AdBlue. We guarantee that they are high quality products at the European level. We believe that professional petrol station management requires strict control where and how petrol is produced, what its composition is, how it is delivered and whether it abides by the applicable standards. Environmental protection is especially important here. Relevant provisions should be considered at the stage of the commencement of operations by a petrol station. This is obviously what we did. Now we take care that all activities related to its operation are safe for Customers and employees’ health and for the environment.

Ensuring top quality petrol is our priority. Why? As a company operating in the transport industry we are fully aware that the use of the right petrol affects vehicle performance, minimalizes wear of subassemblies, reduces fuel consumption, limits problems with self-ignition or valve leakage, and reduces exhaust toxicity. We have very good relationships with our Customers as we can put ourselves in their situation. Before 2012, when the petrol station in Żyraków was open, we also had to purchase petrol from selected enterprises which meant that we placed regular orders. Currently, we counsel, explain, support and service among others companies involved with road transport. An additional benefit for them and for us is the possibility to establish new business relationships.


We accept payment cards:


We accept payment cards:

The group of our Customers includes individuals who purchase gasoline or diesel at the petrol station as well as wholesale Customers who purchase larger amounts of petrol, such as production and service plants as well as transport companies mentioned above. Considering the fact that our Customers may have different needs and expectations, we approach each of them individually. This applies to the type of petrol, delivery conditions, price negotiations, etc. In the case of large orders, we can handle the entire delivery process, which takes place with full commitment of a team of specialists and with the use of modern tanks adapted for transporting fuel. Each of them has been equipped with automatic meters that switch off the pump when the tank is full. Thanks to the functional delivery planning system, our Customers can count on fast and competent order implementation – nearly immediately after accepting an order, we start preparing a given transport service. Moreover, we never allow even one of the products in our offer to be temporarily unavailable. All this causes that we are perceived as a solid, reliable and trustworthy company. Every day we do what we can to deserve such an opinion. We want our regular Customers to come back, and new Customers to be happy about their decision to cooperate with Alta-Trans.

Contact us and our petrol stations where you can purchase top quality petrol at attractive prices. What do we offer?

Petrol station in Żyraków:

  • Unleaded petrol 95
  • Diesel

Petrol station in Ropczyce:

  • Unleaded petrol 95
  • Unleaded petrol 98
  • Diesel
  • LPG
  • AdBlue
  • Car wash.



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+48 662 17 49 22


+ 48 601 82 20 82

  email Żyraków

  email Ropczyce


39-204 Żyraków 189E

50°04’26.4″N 21°23’39.2″E


39-100 Ropczyce, ul. Kolejowa

50°04’06.9″N 21°35’22.4″E