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Our offer addresses Customers interested in cooperation in terms of cargo transport to various parts of Europe. At the same time, we carry out retail sale and wholesale of petrol.


We implement orders concerning cargo transport in the European Union. Transport is carried out most of all to countries, such as: Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Hungary. During many years of our operations we have implemented advanced logistic solutions and we made numerous investments thanks to which services provided by us are characterized by top quality. We are prepared to handle various types of transports and to our Customers we can offer:

  • professional tarpaulin, refrigerated, cistern transport – we have modern DAF, SCANIA, and VOLVO vehicles to which we can attach standard, refrigerated, and Mega trailers as well as fuel cisterns; we also have Jumbo sets (cars with a trailer)
  • efficient loading, reloading and unloading services
  • storage under convenient conditions
  • smooth and safe flow of goods – guaranteed by our logistic procedures, effective management and control system, as well as immediate access to the service, in the event of any vehicle breakdown.
Our main strengths are:
  • suitably qualified managerial staff and employees
  • many years of experience in the transport industry
  • high level of services provided
  • fairness, reliability, punctuality
  • well-established position on the international market – we enjoy a very good reputation and complete trust of our Customers.


We have two petrol stations – in Żyraków and Ropczyce where individual customers can purchase gasoline, diesel, LPG and AdBlue. We also accept orders from production and service plants as well as transportation companies within which we deliver petrol to Customers in wholesale amounts.

To sum up, we offer:
  • excellent quality fuel from Europe
  • the possibility of purchasing fuel at our stations or placing an order for a larger quantity; please send orders to:
  • fast delivery using tanks adapted to transport this type of cargo
We sell the following petrol:
  • Unleaded petrol 95
  • Unleaded petrol 98
  • Diesel
  • LPG

We have many Customers and their number is constantly growing which is obviously related to the fact that petrol we sell positively affects vehicle engines. However, it is also important that we treat both regular and potential purchasers of gasoline, diesel, etc. with respect. We pay attention to all of them and provide them with complex service. Our Customers appreciate us for:

  • commitment, professional and responsible approach to importing, selling and delivering fuel
  • preparing orders almost immediately after accepting them
  • setting attractive prices and the possibility of negotiating prices in the case of large transactions
  • nice atmosphere ensured by our reliable employees.