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The main area of operations is international road transport. From the very beginning of the Company, i.e. the 23rd of September 1989, we have systematically extended our capacities related to the professional provision of transport services. Ambitious plans and strategic decisions brought the desired results – today we can meet expectations of the most demanding customers.



When our Company was established, we only had one Kamaz vehicle and we accepted orders for cargo transport only in Poland. Soon the situation changed and starting from 1993 we have been handling cargo transport to other parts of Europe. We make sure that our fleet, transport base and warehouse are optimal and modern. Due care for improving the resources of our enterprise is connected with the necessity of making investment decisions on a continuous basis, but thanks to this we can assure the best transport conditions, we enjoy trust of our regular customers as well as interest of new customers – both domestic and foreign. They can fully count on our knowledge and many years of experience in transport, logistics and forwarding.



What can we offer to our Customers?

  • transport using reliable and environmentally-friendly new generation vehicles selected based on the type of the transported cargo
  • advanced logistic solutions: we have developed an extremely efficient unloading, reloading and loading system, we fully control the flow of cargo entrusted to us, we have a warehouse situated in Żyraków – it is a very convenient location as the base is situated 1 km from the A4 motorway
  • cooperation with a competent company which will ensure safe and timely transport of goods on European routes.

With the provision of each subsequent service our already stable position on the international transportation market is getting even stronger. We are not afraid of challenges, as we believe that we are prepared to implement even exceptionally complex road transports, reloading or unloading operations. There is not much that can surprise us as we try to follow all changes happening in the industry.



In 2012 we extended our offer with retail sale and wholesale of fuel. We have two petrol stations – in Żyraków and Ropczyce where gasoline and diesel are available. In Ropczyce it is also possible to purchase LPG and AdBlue and use a car wash. In the case of orders placed by enterprises, we organize quick and professional delivery to the address provided. The construction of two fully functioning petrol stations allows us to establish additional business relationships. At the same time, as transport specialists we understand Customers’ needs purchasing gasoline or diesel from us. We approach each customer individually, ensuring high quality petrol which is not expensive at the same time. Alta-Trans employs qualified employees who perform their obligations reliably, solidly and with real commitment – this applies to both areas of our operations, i.e. international road transport and petrol stations.